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Top 10 Medical Practice Management Solution Companies - 2020

Historically, medical practice management involved the manual and cumbersome entry of patient information and other critical details of their visit to a physician into a system that the doctor can review in the future if there was a need. Over the last decade, the realm of medical practice management has become increasingly sophisticated owing to continuous technological advancements and the overall need to increase the efficiency of clinical operations. To help clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities transform their legacy operations into a state-of-the-art environment, the healthcare space is driving the deployment of solutions, which employ next-gen technologies in order to drive enhanced operational efficiency. At the same time, the healthcare space is witnessing the rise of medical practice management consulting firms that aid medical institutions make the most of their deployments through implementation, maintenance, and integration services.

Among the various innovations in the medical practice management arena, a few are at the forefront of leading the overall patient care dynamics into the future. Patient portals, for instance, have become one of the most useful tools for healthcare providers today, as it allows patients to access their own health information, as well as set up appointments on-the-go. On the other hand, the medical billing and coding features is another most sought-after feature in medical practice management solutions because it enables hospitals and clinics simplify their financial management and track all the insurance-related processes in real-time. Alternatively, services in the realm of medical practice management involve the integration of all the tech-based deployments within a healthcare institution, thereby allowing medical professionals to create a seamless and effective patient care experience. Similarly, forward-thinking and highly motivated teams of developers in the healthcare sector are continually working on creating and adding more functionalities to their offerings as a way to help doctors and medical facilities manage their operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

In order to help physicians and executives of healthcare institutions, MD Tech Review has compiled numerous medical practice management solution and services providers, and selected the most prominent players. The companies have been recognized based on the quality of their solutions, services, as well as client satisfaction record.

In this edition of MD Tech Review, we present to you the “Top 10 Medical Practice Management Solution Providers – 2020”

    Top Medical Practice Management Solution Companies

  • CATS Technology is an IT consulting and managed service provider that offers agile solutions and services for a variety of industries. The company’s team consists of individuals certified in different technologies. What differentiates CATS Technology in the healthcare space is that they are HIPAA certified and their team help clients comply with phases 1-3 of HIPAA. Additionally, CATS Technology can manage clients’ IT policies, cybersecurity, and insurance compliance as well

  • NextGen Managed Cloud offers convenience, affordability, and 24/7 monitoring and support by expert technicians with state-of the art infrastructure which will free up staff and IT resources while intelligently managing expansion and growth. Thus, the clients can cost-efficiently handle increased data demands and reduce IT costs along with improved security by preventing denial-of-service attacks, detecting intrusions, encrypting data, and automating daily data backups. Thus, NextGen Healthcare acts as a stable partner by providing a dedicated hosting support and simplified implementations and upgrades and solving IT staffing challenges and improving flexibility

  • Rethink provides organizations with tools to help train behavioral therapists and caregivers of individuals with ASD. Rethink helps its clients by automating the workflow involving the care of ASD patients. The company’s integrated platform handles its client’s intervention plan development, staff training, and data tracking, and many other facets of the caregiving workflow. The company provides video-based teaching methods in its cloud-based platform to train clinicians and caregivers of such patients. As a result of such services, Rethink is now a leading platform for supporting the special needs population with clients from schools to Fortune 100 organizations

  • Provides complete Practice Management software, and fully certified EHR capabilities to physicians’ practices along with medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions. Tranquilmoney, a technology company headquartered in New Jersey, combines technology and innovation to offer health care revenue cycle management services through its suite of solutions. The company brings to the table software solutions for practice management, and revenue cycle management along with solutions for fully certified EHR capabilities, and medical billing

  • Ackerman Practice Management

    Ackerman Practice Management

    Ackerman Practice Management helpspractices in training their staff, managing business operations, and delivering better care to patients by providing customized services and consultation. Ackerman Practice Management is about providing you with managed clinical and business systems, customized to your unique patient base, your philosophy of care and your goals. Every system is customized for you. We provide the operational policies, help establish measurable goals, set benchmarks, train staff, and manage business operations so you can do what you love, providing exceptional care to your patients

  • Carestream Dental, LLC

    Carestream Dental, LLC

    Carestream Dental is transforming dentistry, simplifying technology and changing lives around the world with innovative digital dental systems, solutions and support. From intraoral and extraoral imaging equipment to CAD/CAM solutions, imaging analysis software and practice management systems, practitioners rely on Carestream Dental to drive transformation in the industry. Carestream Dental technology captures two billion images annually and helps practitioners deliver more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care

  • CompuGroup Medical

    CompuGroup Medical

    CompuGroup Medical delivers important software to improve health and the quality of life. We build bridges between physicians, pharmacies, health insurances, laboratories, rehab and care facilities, and hospitals to help them provide optimum care. Its goal is to increase understand and simplify the work of all medical care providers. For over 30 years, it has supported our customers in securely storing, exchanging, and requesting information. In this way, the company allow them more time for what is most important: their patients

  • Das Health Ventures, Inc

    Das Health Ventures, Inc

    DAS Health is a leading provider of Health IT and management solutions and a trusted consultant to many physician groups, hospitals and healthcare systems across North America. For more than a decade, DAS Health has been bridging the gap between regulatory compliance, business goals and personal service, empowering our clients to deliver more patient-centric care, protect their earnings and increase profitability

  • Practice EHR

    Practice EHR

    Practice EHR is a leading provider of a cost-effective, cloud-based software solution that supports all aspects of running a medical practice. The platform simplifies workflows for effective patient care and financial and operational success. From electronic health records to medical billing and revenue cycle management, Practice EHR provides integrated, specialty-specific solutions to medical practices, long term care facilities and home healthcare providers

  • Zymeda Provider Solutions

    Zymeda Provider Solutions

    Zymeda Provider Solutions was founded in 2012 with a comprehensive portfolio of practice management services. We are committed to positioning practices and physicians for long-term success by bringing business expertise to enhance all aspects of current practice operations. The company is particularly focused on providing independent small physician offices and private group practices with the practice consulting, process improvement, operational benefits and revenue cycle capabilities enjoyed by large medical groups